If you're over the elf inside, check out our adorable outdoor gnomes! Each gnome has its own story - pick whichever one you like best, or pick them all - they love each other!



Bernard is an outdoor-loving sophisticate who is never far from the latest newspaper. He loves to contemplate the complexities of the universe while sipping a delightful roast from his local cafe. Bernard has a red hat, red nose, grey beard and adorable red mittens. He stands apprximately 3' tall.



Lucia is a free spirit who loves all things natural, including growing her own vegetables, producing as little waste as possible and reducing her carbon footprint by taking transit as much as possible. Lucia has a cute burgundy hat, gold nose and adorable black mittens. She stands approximately 2' tall.


Gnomes are constructed of real greenery from locally-sourced trees. They will last well outside in the cold Calgary climate and love a little occassional misting to keep them extra fresh. They are constructed for outdoor weather, but do best under an awning or on a porch.


*Nose materials may change slightly from those pictured

Christmas Gnome

  • Every order is custom made an requires 2 days' notice.

    We deliver on Wednesdays and Saturdays every week. Need a delivery on a different date? Let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.

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