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Garden Box

Everything you need

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or you're just starting out, we have what you need. Our Essential Garden Box Starter Kit will get you growing in no time!

Planter Ladder

Grow vertically

Prefer to grow a garden on your deck or in a different space? We have the ideal solution! Check out our cedar planter ladders. They fit almost anywhere, they look great + they are the best little planting spaces.

Give Yourself the Gift of Fresh

Grow Your Garden

We provide everything you need to grow fresh, healthy produce. From the planter boxes, to seeds, to soil - we've got you covered. We also offer exceptional support and customer service to guide you on your growing journey.

Know Where Your Food Comes From

Be in control of what you eat

You never have to wonder what's in your food when you pick it fresh from your garden. Feel assured that what you and your family eat is fresh, free from pesticides and the best produce you can provide.

Form + Function

Dovetail cut channels

Tool free construction - no nails


Extend and build your garden bed

Make it Yours

Customize with your own add-ons

What Makes Us Unique

Garden bed or ladder

Sizes for all spaces

Cedar construction

Long lasting Canadian materials

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Proudly based in Calgary

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